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Swimming In A Deadly Sea:
Awash In Radiation

Part Four
By Kathleen Deoul
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Cell Phone Radiation ThreatAlthough it cannot be seen, touched, felt or smelled, radiation is a constant presence in our lives. Some of it occurs naturally, like the cosmic rays that bombard us from space or the ionizing radiation that comes from various elements in the Earth's crust. But more and more, we are being exposed to radiation that does not come from natural sources, but rather is man-made. In large part, the man-made radiation we encounter is the result of our employing it for useful purposes. X-rays are used for medical diagnoses, radio waves permit us to communicate over long distances; magnetic fields are used in a vast array of applications ranging from operating switches like the power door locks on an automobile to providing highly detailed pictures of a tumor or diseased organ.

But in addition to these intentional exposures to various forms of radiation, we are increasingly surrounded by sources of collateral or unintended radiation exposure. High tension power lines are generating electromagnetic fields that can extend as far as a kilometer. Common household appliances such as microwave ovens, toasters, washing machines and hair dryers can generate surprisingly strong radiological emissions.

In a very real sense, we are swimming in a sea of radiation, even though few of us know it.

Recently I sat down with noted energy expert Milton Copulos to discuss the potential hazards that the public may face from the radiation that has become so pervasive. In the final installment of that interview, we discussed what individuals can do to protect themselves against the hazards radiation exposure can pose.

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Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation
(Part IV)

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