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Swimming In A Deadly Sea:
Awash In Radiation

Part Two
By Kathleen Deoul
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Kathleen Deoul: You said that the risk of all types of brain tumors was greater for rural residents who use cell phones. Is the overall figure different from malignant tumors?

Copulos: I'm glad you brought that up. Yes, the risk is greater - a lot greater. In fact, rural residents who use cell phones are eight times as likely to develop a malignant brain tumor as city dwellers. In other words, the increase in risk is twice as great for malignant tumors as it is for all forms.

Kathleen Deoul: You said there were several studies. What other recent research are you aware of?

Copulos: There is a third study from Sweden, where much of the best research on cell phone hazards is being conducted, because they have been in general use there much longer than in most countries. What is interesting about this third study is that it not only involved cell phones, but also cordless telephones that are used with a land line. The study looked at 910 people with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and a control group of 1,016 healthy individuals. They ranged in age from 18 to 74, and the study was conducted over a period of two and a half years between December of 1999 and April of 2002. What the researchers found was that there was an increased risk of developing T-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among both cell phone and cordless phone users. Moreover, they also found that the risk increased with the duration of the exposure, and that the ten-year benchmark seemed, as in other studies, to be a threshold.

Kathleen Deoul: That's amazing. So what these three studies seem to say is that there is a link between cell phone use and brain cancer, and that the more you use a cell phone, the greater the risk.

Copulos: I couldn't have put it better, Kathleen.

Kathleen Deoul: Of course, the industry still claims there is no danger, and that their studies support their contention.

Copulos: That's true Kathleen, but there may be a logical explanation. Cell phones simply haven't been in widespread use that long. If, as appears to be the case, there is a ten-year threshold, as well as a connection between the amount of use and the increase in risk, that could explain the difference. It could be that more time needs to pass before the full extent of the dangers becomes evident. Of course, if that is the case, we've got a hidden cancer epidemic brewing.

Kathleen Deoul: That's perhaps the most frightening aspect of the problem. We could be poisoning a generation and not know we are doing it! So, by the time we know it's happening, it will be too late!

But the industry keeps saying that there's no scientific basis for a possible link between non-ionizing radiation and brain cancer. Is this true?

Next month in part 3 of Swimming in a Deadly Sea: Awash in Radiation, we'll look at the possible causes of the link between non-ionizing radiation and cancer and things you can do to protect yourself.

Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation
(Part II)

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