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Swimming In A Deadly Sea:
Awash In Radiation

Part Two
By Kathleen Deoul
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Kathleen Deoul: It's clear to me as well. But you said there were several studies.

Copulos: Yes, Kathleen, but before I get to them, there is one other critical point about the study just released in Sweden. The researchers also found that individuals who began using their cell phones prior to the age of 20 were most susceptible to the risk.

Kathleen Deoul: Like the millions of teens who now use cell phones here in the United States.

Copulos: That's right. Now let's talk about those other studies. One of the most striking results came from a study by Professor Lennart Hardell a cancer specialist at the University of Orebro in Sweden. He studied rural cell phone users and discovered that their risk of brain tumors of all kinds was three times as great as that of city dwellers that used mobile phones. Among those rural residents who had used a cell phone for more than five years, the risk was four times as high. His results were based on a comparison of 1,400 patients with brain tumors and 1,400 healthy individuals.

Although the specific cause of the correlation between cell phone use and brain tumors was not firmly established, Dr. Hardell suggested that it was caused by the fact that cell phones boost power in rural areas because there are fewer cell phone towers. As a result, the radiation they emit can be ten times higher than in urban settings.

Kathleen Deoul: Does that mean that if I use my cell phone while driving in the country, my risk is greater?

Copulos: Actually, yes, Kathleen. Cell phones use a system called adaptive power control that automatically boost the power output of the handset signals when base stations are located further away. So if you're in an area where there are few cell phone towers, your handset will automatically compensate.'

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Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation
(Part II)

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