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Swimming In A Deadly Sea:
Awash In Radiation

Part Two
By Kathleen Deoul
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Kathleen Deoul: Doesn't that get to the heart of the problem, the duration of exposure?

Copulos: Absolutely, Kathleen. There is more and more evidence concerning the dangers of long-term exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

Kathleen Deoul: But despite the mounting evidence, the cell phone industry continues to insist that there isn't a problem, don't they?

Copulos: Indeed they do, Kathleen, but they may not be able to much longer. As you know, about half of the studies that were done in regard to the potential hazards of cell phones say that there are no health effects, and about half say there are. But if you look more closely, what you see is that the half that claim no problem exists are primarily funded by the industry, and the half that say there is a problem are independently funded.

Kathleen Deoul: Yes, but as you were starting to say, isn't it a matter of duration?

Copulos: It certainly is, Kathleen, and it's also a matter of intensity. In fact there have been two recent studies that shed considerable light on the potential hazards of non-ionizing radiation and cell phones.

Kathleen Deoul: What did they say?

Copulos: Actually, they said several things. Perhaps the most important is the most recent study, conducted by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life and the University of Orebro. Perhaps the most comprehensive research to date, the study included 2,200 cancer patients and the same number of healthy individuals. What the researchers determined was that there was a 240 percent increase in the risk of developing a malignant brain tumor among individuals who had been heavy cell phone users for ten years. The researchers defined heavy use as around 200 or more hours per year.

Now bear in mind, that a young person using their cell phone 15 and a half hours per month, would average 186 hours per year, dangerously close to the level where the researchers said there was an increased risk of brain tumors.

But that's not all they said.

They pointed out that in 85 of 905 patients with a type of brain tumor called a glioma that were heavy cell phone users, the tumor was located at the very portion of their head where they habitually held their cell phones.

The connection seems pretty clear to me.

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