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Swimming In A Deadly Sea:
Awash In Radiation

Part Two
By Kathleen Deoul
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Cell Phone RadiationAlthough most of us are unaware of it, we are literally swimming in a sea of radiation. Some of it is natural, like the cosmic rays that bombard our planet from space, trace amounts from elements that occur naturally in the ground, and even microwave radiation from sunspots and solar flares. But increasingly, the radiation we are subjected to comes from man-made sources ranging from medical X-rays to leakage from appliances to cell phones. While much has been written about man-made radiation, most of us have little understanding of what it is and how it might affect us.

Last month, we began an interview Cancer Cover-Up author Kathleen Deoul conducted with internationally recognized energy expert Milton R. Copulos to get some straight talk about the radiation that surrounds us. This month the interview continues.

Kathleen Deoul: Milt I know that everywhere you turn, someone is talking on a cell phone. The number in use has grown phenomenally, but could you give us some insight into just how big the cell phone market has become?

Copulos: You're absolutely right about the incredible growth in the number of cell phones out there. In 1985, there were just 340,000 cell phone subscribers in the United States. By 2004, there were more than 182 million! Moreover, that 182 million doesn't include the prepaid units that have become so popular with teens. What you may find startling is that more people use cell phones than the traditional land lines.

Kathleen Deoul: That's amazing. And I'll bet the gap is going to grow even larger.

Copulos: Again, you're right on the money - and it is a matter of money. More and more young people are using cell phones exclusively, and cell phone manufacturers are encouraging this by developing special features and characteristics that appeal to the younger generation.

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Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation
(Part II)

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