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Two in five Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

The following information is critical if you or someone you know is a cancer patient. Please review the information and opinions carefully

ALWAYS consult with a health practitioner

FACT (Foundation for Alternative Cancer Treatments) is a national organization advocating the free and open exchange of information and facts about alternative cancer treatments, including but not limited to "High-pH - Cesium Therapy". This highly successful cancer therapy utilizes Cesium (Element 55), nature's most alkaline mineral. "High-pH Therapy" using Cesium is a cancer treatment option introduced in 1984 by Keith Brewer, Ph.D., Physics. High pH - Cesium Therapy is predicated on the scientific theories of two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, postulated in the 1920s.
A few individuals have read that radioactive Cesium is used by radiologists in conventional cancer treatment and asked whether this is the same as Cesium - High pH Therapy.

No, it is not.  

Cesium - High pH Therapy utilizes only unaltered, naturally ocurring, non-radioactive Cesium, in the form of a salt - Cesium chloride.


FACT urges the federal government, the pharmaceutical industry and the Cancer establishment to put Cesium into clinical trials immediately. If not, why not?

Neal Deoul is one of hundreds of individuals who are cancer free after following the High pH-Cesium Therapy regimen. Deoul was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in January of 1999. His physician demanded that he undergo a radical prostatectomy. Deoul refused and instead took Cesium. Deoul's medical records are available to interested parties. That means you, your oncologist or primary caregiver.

To obtain Deoul's medical records or to learn more about High pH-Cesium Therapy for the treatment of cancer e-mail

The decision to use Cesium is the individual's choice
and should be undertaken on an informed basis
with the full knowledge of the primary healthcare practitioner.


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