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In the nearly three years my website has been active, the public has expressed an enormous amount of interest in a wide range of subjects related to the material I present there. I have also learned that many of these subjects have become a topic of continuing discussion in chat rooms. In order to assure that such discussion is informed, I have prepared a series of "FAQ's" that address the questions participants are asking most frequently. I do this as a public service and to be certain that accurate information is available to those interested in cesium and related topics. Please note that I am not a medical doctor.

I am merely attempting to provide information that I feel is most important in the ongoing war on cancer.  It is essential that you discuss this information with your health care provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Why haven't I heard of cesium as a cancer therapy?
2 I do not understand how the cesium cancer therapy works. Could you explain?
3 What evidence is there that the High pH Therapy works?
4 If cesium is so good, why hasn't the medical community adopted it?
5 Why should I believe you? Weren't you convicted of fraud?
6 How can we know this treatment is safe if the government hasn't approved it?
7 I have also heard about aloe vera. Didn't you use it in addition to cesium?
8 Will taking cesium interfere with other treatments?
9 When should I start this protocol?
10 What is the correct dosage for the cesium?
11 Should I have a doctor follow me on this protocol?
12 How long should I follow this protocol?
13 Will this cure my cancer?
14 Can I take cesium along with traditional therapy?
15 I am having surgery. Should I start this protocol before surgery?
16 I have cardiac problems. Can I take cesium?
17 Do you know of anyone who has had an arrhythmia caused by cesium?
18 Are there any side effects?
19 What should I do if I feel heart palpitations?
20 Are there other things that could help me, or should I not take other supplements?
21 I am feeling a rumbling in my stomach. Is this normal?
22 How often should I have my potassium checked?
23 Is the dosage different for people of different weights?
24 I think I may have cancer, but I am not sure, yet. Should I start taking this just to be on the safe side?
25 I had surgery, and the doctor tells me that "he got it all". Should I continue with this protocol?
26 How long does the cesium stay in my system?
27 I have taken the cesium for 4 months, and I have stopped. Can I take it again?
28 How much money have you made from "pushing" cesium?
29 Are the actions of the Attorney General of Maryland leading to unnecessary cancer deaths?
30 If it's so good, why isn't cesium the "Gold Standard" for cancer treatment today?
31 As a follow-up question, If the drug companies won't do it, why doesn't someone else run a drug trial on cesium?
32 Are there any doctors using cesium and aloe vera to treat cancer?


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